Flanelle Magazine - The New Street Style: A Talk with Marc Richardson

Remember three things: confidence, uniqueness and uniformity.

If you want to catch the eye of street style photographer Marc Richardson, your outfit must emulate these key elements. Indeed, 22-year-old Montrealer cares about the way people carry themselves, how comfortable they are in their own skin – and clothes, obviously. There is somewhat of a contradiction in having a unique style and a consistent signature. To understand the correlation between the two, one needs to know that details do matter. “Details make the difference,” agrees Richardson. Eugene Tong – fashion editor at Details – might be wearing a combination of black hat/white t-shirt/black pants throughout an entire fashion week, but each piece is different or worn differently. Is there an additional pocket? Are the sleeves rolled up? These slight variations might earn you a place next to Josh Peskowitz, Graziano Di Cintio, Isaac Larose and Nick Wooster in one of Richardson’s stylish slideshows.

Complex, Highsnobiety, Four Pins and more recently The Wall Street Journal, the young photographer does not mess around. His great sense of initiative and determination – dare I say stubbornness – got him gigs that many dream about. While studying in Paris, Richardson first began taking pictures at Couture Week. As a weekly exercise, he started hanging out in coffee shops next to Colette in order to photograph the crowd of fashionable shoppers during the weekends. After sending his work to an impressive number of editors (emailing every info@ you could think of), he finally got a reply from Complex. Next fashion week, next round of emails, he got an answer from Highsnobiety – who had already seen his pictures in the previous publication. A few fashion weeks later, Richardson was also publishing on Four Pins, a website he had been reading since its very beginning.

From New York City to Paris, from London to Milano, from tradeshows to fashion weeks, Richardson appears to be unstoppable. “While I am travelling, I have these moments when I realize I am doing all this for work,” says Richardson, amazed. Indeed, it is quite unbelievable that this young graduate has already been featured in so many influential outlets a year and a half after picking up a camera for the first time. Talent, perseverance and networking might be three other useful elements to keep in mind. Since editors, buyers, models and photographers travel together in the same cities, a special bound develops through discussions about the latest shows or collections. Richardson describes it as familiarity: “During one fashion week, I remember Eugene Tong congratulating me on my recent graduation - he had seen it earlier on my Instagram account!” There is even a sense of camaraderie between fellow photographers. Often the youngest of the crew, Richardson learns a lot from older photographers - who are certainly being taught a few things from this rookie along the way.   

With so much potential, you might wonder where else this one is headed. Aside from looking for street style contracts during fashion weeks for women – which means another elaborate round of emails to editors – Richardson is also feeding his portfolio website, where he uploads unpublished content on a regular basis: “One day at fashion week represents 1,600 pictures, which are narrowed to 15 for publishing.” His personal blog Shooting People allows him to share some of the other 1585 images taken daily.

There, you will find confidence, uniqueness and uniformity.